DIY Wine Rack

I’m not sure if any of you guys remember my wine rack or not. It was recycled from the original roof tiles of my house combined with an aquarium stand. It worked fine but was outgrown when Vine Dawgs made their own wine. I even had to stack bottles in a corner.

Inspired by the Romano renovations I decided to upgrade my wine rack. Money would be no object.

I went to my favorite thrift store, World Thrift (2425 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth‎) and bought an old dresser for $30.


I stacked in the roofing tiles. There is a slight problem in that the drawers in the dresser were divided by partitions (I just expected an open frame). The problem is with the partitions is that I can’t stack the tiles exactly how I like them because I’m limited to the drawer size height. I plan to correct this in the future by gutting the partitions. I’ll leave the bottom partition (near the floor) and the partition under the top drawer. If I could stack the tiles the way I would like, the dresser could accommodate all of the tiles. The partitions caused me to have left over tiles and bottles without homes.

The solution I came up with was to take 2 of the drawers and fashion a crate by knocking the bottom out of one of the drawers and placing it in front of the other drawer. When I stacked in the roofing tiles inside, the pressure caused by the weight of the tiles strengthened the drawers into a crate-like wine rack. Then I just laid a scrap piece of wood on top.

The drawer partitions caused me to not have a continous stack as in the next image.

With a repurposed dresser and recycled roofing tiles (each tile is embossed with April 8, 1924), I was able to save money and be green to the environment. The aquarium stand will now be repurposed into a plant stand for Joan. Now I can move this off my project list and add it to my “finish project later” list.

No nails, screws or tools needed.

The lesson of this story is “Be cheap with your wine rack – not your wine.

best regards,